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Decorative Wooden Dice

Original price was: ₦610,160.Current price is: ₦549,144.

Aluminium Lamp Finish with UK Fitting

Original price was: ₦430,160.Current price is: ₦387,144.

Aluminium Decorative Chess

Original price was: ₦403,160.Current price is: ₦362,844.

Sculpture Trinket

Original price was: ₦347,160.Current price is: ₦312,444.

Los Cabos Iron Vase

Original price was: ₦274,160.Current price is: ₦246,744.


Original price was: ₦257,160.Current price is: ₦231,444.

Aluminium and Plastic Globe Tripod

Original price was: ₦257,160.Current price is: ₦231,444.

Table Lamp

Original price was: ₦240,160.Current price is: ₦216,144.

Turna Double Metal

Original price was: ₦208,160.Current price is: ₦187,344.

Small but effective touches of home decoration are the keys to add character and personality to your living spaces.'s Accessories category offers an extraordinary way to customize and beautify your living areas. In this category, we offer a unique opportunity to find accessories that fit your style and needs.'s accessories are specially designed to match any style and decoration theme. Whether you prefer a modern, vintage, minimalist, rustic or industrial style, you can find accessories to suit your personal taste in our wide range of products.

Captivate Everyone with Small Details

Little things can make big difference. You can find the final touches of your home decoration in this category. Decorative apple, black nickel puff, candle holder, decorative chess, desk bell and more help you add aesthetics and functionality to your living spaces.

With's accessory collection, you can transform your living spaces into an energetic atmosphere with colorful and lively accessories in summer, and turn your home into a warm shelter with warm and relaxing touches in winter.

Quality and Durable Home Accessory Products

Quality is's priority. All our accessories are manufactured to the highest standards and are long lasting. Each one is made of durable materials so you can use and enjoy it for many years to come.'s Accessories category offers the opportunity to customize your living spaces. With the accessories you choose, your home more personal, detailed, beautiful and most importantly, functional.

Browse our catalog to find and select the most beautiful home decoration for you. With our different choices, you can make your living spaces to look mor aesthetic and quality. Transform the atmosphere of your home with and enjoy every day. Take advantage of our affordable prices, and order the most suitable one for yourself among our different products, and use the same quality for years.