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Tomford Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦25,500,320.Current price is: ₦17,850,224.

Versace Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦22,900,160.Current price is: ₦16,030,112.

Sirius Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦17,000,480.Current price is: ₦14,350,400.

Dream Walnut Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦13,410,640.Current price is: ₦11,010,560.

Sedef Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦14,950,640.Current price is: ₦10,465,448.

Jenga Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦12,770,640.Current price is: ₦10,220,560.

Mimoza Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦14,020,640.Current price is: ₦9,814,448.

Brownie Bedroom Set

Original price was: ₦12,200,760.Current price is: ₦8,540,532.

Best Bedroom Furniture Sets

The best bedroom furniture sets are a blend of style, comfort, and functionality. When considering the location where you begin and conclude each day it becomes evident how crucial it is to have a space that genuinely embodies your personality.

The best bedroom furniture sets seamlessly combine aesthetics with practicality. Whether you appreciate designs, with lines and minimalistic features or you have a preference for classic and intricate styles there's a wide range of furniture sets available that will resonate with your personal taste.

The choice of materials is also significant. You can opt for hardwoods like oak and mahogany. Explore modern options such, as metal and glass. Moreover the finishing touches, whether its a polish matte appearance or distressed look can add a charm to the furniture set. Remember, the finest sets go beyond aesthetics; they create an ambiance that truly complements your space.


What Comes in a Bedroom Set

When considering what comes in a bedroom set, it's important to keep in mind that these furniture sets are created with the intention of giving your bedroom an harmonious appearance.

Typically a standard set will consist of a bed frame, which can range from a platform bed to an intricate canopy or sleigh bed. Additionally you'll usually find one or two nightstands that're perfect, for placing your bedtime reading materials, lamps and alarm clock.

A dresser is another piece included in sets offering ample storage space for your clothing and accessories. Some sets may also include a matching mirror that can be either attached to the dresser or hung separately on the wall. For those who require storage options there might be pieces, like a chest of drawers or an armoire included in the set. You may also be interested in our furniture.

The beauty of these sets lies in their design ensuring that each piece complements the others perfectly.So, when you ask what comes in a bedroom set, you're inquiring about a harmonious bedroom environment.


How Much is a Bedroom Set?

Discussing how much is a bedroom set requires diving into various factors that influence the price. The material used is a factor to consider. Sets made of wood are known for their durability and timeless appeal.

They often come with a higher price tag compared to sets made from engineered wood or metal. The brand and its reputation also play a role, in determining the cost. Known brands that are associated with quality and craftsmanship often come with a price.

Additionally the design details such as patterns, hand carved elements or decorative inlays can contribute to the cost. The number of pieces included in the set is another consideration. A basic three piece set will naturally be more affordable, than a seven piece collection.

Lastly if you opt for customizations or bespoke designs expect to pay a premium price. When pondering how much is a bedroom set, it's essential to balance between quality and affordability, ensuring you get a set that will last while not breaking the bank.